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Antique willow leaf sabre(TZ20160922)

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This is a replica of Qing Dynasty Dao/sabre which was the primary weapon of common Chinese soldiers.We replicate forged this sword using folded steel with groove, clay tempered process according to traditional method. The features of this sword is the engraved iron fittings. very quality and elegant. the sword created as full tang construction, ready for real use. the scabbard and handle all all made of ebony. anyway, this is a very good sword whatever for display or real use. 

  • Engraved iron fitting 
  • T10 foldedsteel,differential hardened
  • Fully functional sharp blade, battle ready
  • Ebony scabbard 
  • Comes with a silk black bag
  • 73cm blade,22cm handle,sword weight about 990g without scabbard.
  • Customized made available.


Blade Length:  73cm(29") Handle length: 22cm(8.7")
Blade steel:  T10 folded steel with differential hardened    Fittings: Carved iron fitting 
Blade construction:  Sanmai Handle: Ebony
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish Wood: Ebony
Hamon:  Wave Blade width:3.5cm



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