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Short Ninjato/Shinobigatana-TZ20160515


This Ninjato was designed by a customer for his custom made sword,It with classical looking for Ninjato,It features plain black theme,Black saya, Black wrapping and black fittings. Blade is forged by 1095 carbon steel,blade with cosmetic polish,blade edge whiten by finger stone polish,it takes attractive hamon style.Blade shape is straight Shinogi-Zukuri, But with kiriha style kissaki,We thought this blade shape is most suitable for Ninjato style blade. Tsuka,fuchi/kashira are made of iron material,blackened dragon menuki is brass. This is ready a nice choice of Ninjato for battle ready purpose. 

  • Straight Shinogi-Zukuri, Kiriha style kissaki
  • 1095 carbon steel with whiten finger stone polishing,Sharp edge
  • Random midare hamon
  • Ko-Ninjato


Nagasa(Blade) 57cm
Sugata(shape) Ninjato style
Kitae-kata Maru, 1095 carbon steel sharp blade
Hamon Random hamon 
Shiage(Polishing) whiten
Sori(Curve) N/A
Moto-haba(Width) 3.2cm
Saki-haba 2.4cm
Kasane(Thickness)           0.7mm
Kissaki Chu-kissaki
Bo-Hi Single Bo-hi
Tsuka(handle) 27cm
Tsuka-maki Criss-Cross with hishigami
Samekawa(rayskin) Panel Black
Tsuka-ito(wrap) Silk black
Mekugi-ana Two
Fittings Iron tsuba,fuchi/kashira
Saya(Scabbard) Glossy black




We update our heavy disount sword list at some customer request, these sword only 1 in stock of each
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