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How to choosing or customizing a right sowrd

If you are beginner of sword, then you must to know the difference between a real sword and an ornamental wall-hanger sword before you buy it.

Ornamental sword is looked like a sword(S.L.O), it always for decoration on wall.non-tempered blade, non-functionality, welding tang. Never use these sword for practice or combat.

Real sword must be properly heat treated and tempered to make blade not too brittle and hardness ready for real use. Full tang are necessary(one piece steel blade and tang). As for sharp or dull, just up to what your purpose to use sword.

SINOSWORD has dedicated swords forge over 10 years, we had accumulated important experience and reputation during years. So, whatever you are beginner of a sword, or martial arts practicer or enthusiast of sword. Send your questions if you have no idea to choose what sword fit you.


1)   Stick to your budget.

Budget is always the most important factor when you choose sword. hand forged sword always were identified can cost a small fortune,However, a good quality forged sword does not need to be expensive at here, SINOSWORD get a balance between price and quality base on your budget. Even if you have less than $100 budget, you still can get a real sword from here.

2)   Point out your purpose

In another age, sword purpose much simple. But today, it’s not only as weapon appears. It’s very rarely as weapon for combat, But more for martial arts training, iaido practice,tameshigiri, sparring , or just for display, collection etc. therefore, choose a right sword as your purpose very important.

As we known, blade is the most important of sword, it’s sword’s soul. So, lets start with blade.In general, tamahagane>folded steel>T10/1095 high carbon mono steel>9260 steel>1050 carbon steel>aluminium.

1.   For iaito or Battōjutsu

If you are beginner of iaido or Battōjutsu, or martial arts practicer. Then, dull edge and tip are necessary for safety.  we always recommend 1050 carbon steel with light weight blade, or aluminium blade if you want to very light blade. Because it no need high hardness, durable and affordable are the most important.

2.   For test cutting

If you are tameshigiri practicer or senior trainer of iaido. Then required blade have a very good heat treatment and tempered, and cutting edge hardness.especially, blade durability become the most important when we do cutting practice day after day. That’s why we recommend 1050 carbon steel with clay tempered hamon,  T10/1095 high carbon steel with hamon or not.  Another reason is price also very reasonable, truly  Achieved functional and affordable balance.

3.   For collection

If you are enthusiast of sword, you might have higher needs, but not only settle for functional. A quality and high grade sword like a artwork, if you obsessed with folded grain(hada), hamon line, Polishing, etc. then tamahagane or folded steel can meet your requirements. as we known tamahagane steel are traditional Japanese sword steel, forge tamahagane steel not easy, it’s gruelling and time-consuming work. That’s why it extremely expensive if import from Japan. SINOSWORD forged tamahagane as traditional method from 2006 to make the price sharply reduced. Tamahagane steel have exquisite and delicate folded grain after jizuya polished. It’s is our top grade steel. Regarding the folded steel, it was folded use different steel together to make a great balance of flexibility and hardness to improve blade functional and strength. Attractive folded grain included, but price much better than tamahagane.

Anyway, this level blade completely suffice for daily cutting practice, but it also is a artwork for display or collection.

4.   Sparring and combat ready

If you are trainer of HEMA, and ready use sword for sparring or combat, then we recommend 9260 steel or carbon steel for you. It’s have very good flexibility after heat treatment and tempered. it’s don’t need much hardness but flexible and durable are very important. It must be blunt and bend when stab body for safety.(we do not recommend stainless steel for sword blade, it’svery brittle if longer than 12”)

3)   Choosing proper furniture

A sword not only blade, furniture also important. How to choosing right furniture for your custom sword? In General, what blade grade match what grade furniture. For example, if you want to custom made a primary katana, then we recommend corresponding fittings, saya, tsuka etc for  you, it will keep the sword price down and good functional. Or if you want to high grade katana, then we will recommend high grade fittings, and other more particulars upgrade such as blade lamination, hamon style, rayskin saya, tsuka with hishigami, etc.

For Chinese sword, furniture effect sword price very much, like scabbard materials, fittings materials and engrave or not etc.

All in all, choose furniture according to your blade grade and stick to your budget. So that you can get a quality sword at good price. after all blade is the sword soul.


4)   Choosing blade length base on height

A unique and right sword should be fit your height, please check our recommend blade length chart as following.

Recommend blade length fit for height
Height Recommend blade length
Recommend tsuka length


65cm 26" 23cm 9"


67cm 26 2/5" 25.5cm 10"


27 1/5" 25.5cm 10"


71cm 28" 27cm 10 3/5"


73cm 28 4/5" 27cm 10 3/5"


29 1/2" 29cm 11 2/5"


77cm 30 3/10" 30.5cm 12"


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