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Dragon(竜) Daisho-TZ20160511


The Dragon Katana and Wakizashi feature a folded steel with a sanmai laminations blade, which combines impressive performance with a midare(irregular) hamon. the hamon produce using traditional clay tempered method. The fittings feature a dragon motif use sinosword top quality GS series. the tsuka wraped with dark brown cotton ito and authentic rayskin inlay. The saya is finished in craquelure lacquer and rattan wrapped on top of saya. koiguchi, kurigata and kojiri use buffalo horn. 

  • Forged and folded steel
  • Sanmai lamination
  • Full tang construction
  • Dragon(竜) motif koshirae
  • Ready for real use
  • Superb and durable


  • Katana
    • Blade length: 28 4/5"
    • Handle length: 11"
    • Motohaba: 1 1/4"
  • Wakizashi
    • Blade length: 21"
    • Handle length: 7"
    • Motohaba: 1 1/4"


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