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Quality Guan Dao ready for real use-TZ20180115

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Guan Dao/Kwan Tao is one of the most famous weapon in Chinese history. According to the legend, it is named after Guan Yu, a great general who use this weapon. the weapon also named YanYue Dao(偃月刀,reclining moon blade).

Sinosword replicate this blade base onhistoricaldescription. Blade forged and folded using T10 steel. weight about 4kg, powful for cutting practice. quality brass fittings be used. steel pole designed 2 separated parts ready for shipment.

  • Powful ready for real use
  • Folded and forged steel blade
  • Brass carved fittings
  • steel pole
  • Overall length 210cm(82.6"). 
  • Blade length 40cm(15.8")
  • weight: 4kg(8lb12oz)



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