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Hira Zukuri Shirasaya-TZ20160426


This shirasaya was designed by a customer for his custom made sword,This sword features Hira Zukuri blade shape, a nearly flat blade without shinogi and yokote,blade forged by mono T10 steel, blade with cosmetic polish,blade edge whiten by finger stone polish .hackberry wood with varnish paint,Koiguchi&Kurigata&kojiri are black horn material, the tsuka also fitted the matching black horn fittings.The sword is suitable for tameshigiri practice.

  • Hira zukuri
  • T10 steel ready for real use
  • Suguha(stright) hamon
  • shirasaya finished with glossy lacquer
  • Buffalo horn fittings


Nagasa(Blade) 71cm
Sugata(shape) Hira-zukuri
Kitae-kata Maru, T10 steel sharp blade
Hamon Straight hamon 
Shiage(Polishing) whiten
Sori(Curve) 1.8cm
Moto-haba(Width) 3.2cm
Saki-haba 2.4cm
Kasane(Thickness)           0.7mm
Kissaki Chu-kissaki
Bo-Hi None
Tsuka(handle) 25.4cm
Tsuka-maki N/A
Samekawa(rayskin) N/A
Tsuka-ito(wrap) N/A
Mekugi-ana Two
Fittings Shirsaya,Horn fittins
Saya(Scabbard) Nature wood color with varnish


We update our heavy disount sword list at some customer request, these sword only 1 in stock of each
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