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Japanese Armor(Samurai Armour)

We offer complete lines samurai armor to help you realize your dream of samurai.each of these armor are produced in fully functional and fully wearable.  it is fully authentic reproduction of the original Japanese armor. you will receive what you see in the picture, which include wooden storage box ans wooden display stand. all of these armors are made of steel, iron, leather, cotton, etc, and produce using traditional method.  Absolutely there without any modern material like plastics, glue and rubbers or other synthetic material in the armor. each armor is full sized and combat ready. each armor pre-fitted for a person who standsbetween 5' 2" and 6' 3" tall. the armor can be customized as your tall to fit better, or which color you favorite. 

KJ-S14         US$1159.00                       steel                             The packing include wooden stand and wooden box.52*47*63 (different armour the packing size little different)
KJ—S5 US$850.00 steel
KJ—S1 US$869.00 steel
KJ—S15 US$899.00 steel
KJ—W04 US$1,099.00 steel
KJ—W07 US$1,099.00 steel

KJ—W13 US$1,099.00 steel
KJ—W48 US$1,099.00 steel
KJ—W27 US$1,099.00 steel
KJ—W32 US$1,199.00 steel
KJ-W43 US$1,399.00 steel

More picture of samurai armors. 







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