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Jian(double-edge sword)-劍

The Jian is a double-edged straight sword used during the last 2,500 years in China which were originally made from bronze, then steel as metal technology advanced. In Chinese long history, there have various style of Jian/sword in Different periods or dynastye.  Sinosword forged these varying versions replica of Jian using traditional method. all sword are created by hand at full construction, ready for real use. customize order available.

Chinese ZhanGuo jian/Sword
Quality sword stick TZ20190425 $279
TaiYi Jian sword TZ20190225 $299
Tapered short Tang dynasty jian sword
TZ20120316 $159
Traditional carved Chinese Jian sword
Hand engraved LongQuan Jian
TZ371471 $399
Double dragon Chinese Jian sword
TZ20170717 $299
Replica of Octahedral Han Jian
TZ135407 $328
Upgraded Han Jian/sword
TZ20170419 $269
Affordable Jian sword
TZ20161011 $139
Octahedral Han Jian/sword(八面汉剑)
Plain Han Jian/Sword
Tang Dynasty Jian/sword(唐剑)
9260 Octahedral Han Dynasty Jian
9260 Steel cutting Jian/Sword
Cutting Jian/Blackened
Qi Jian/Sword(齐剑)
Classical Long Quan Jian/Sword
ChengYing Jian/Sword(承影劍)
Short Han Jian/Sword

Chinese ZhanGuo jian/Sword-TZ20191015

This Zhanguo period style Jian. proper decorative fittings are made out of cast brass.

hand forged and folded blade using T10 steel, folded grain are visible after mirror polished.  full tang construction ready for powerful cutting practice.

Ebony scabbard and handle make the sword high-end for decoration or collection.

Quality stick sword-TZ20190425

This is a special sword, the walking cane with a sword blade inside. There is also the button release and the compression fit. 

the blade are forged and folded steel. full hand polished and sharpened. full tang construction ready for real use. 

hand brass fittings wrapped, full brass cover on handle. ebony stcik. 

custom made available.

TaiYi Jian sword-TZ20190225

Sinosword forged this Jian blade using folded steel. full tang construction, handle connetc with tang with extra bamboo peg to make the sword very strength and durable. full hand polished and sharpened make the sword ready for real use.

high quality cast brass fittings and ebony scabbard/handle. this is high-end sword whatever for decoration or cutting practice. 

Tapered short Tang dynasty jian sword-TZ20120316

Sinosword design this sword for thrust practice purpose. short and taper shape blade forged using 1095 high barbon steel. powerful to thrust something like plastic bottle, metal bucket. all fitting material are cast brass, delicate and durable. ebony scabbard and handle. 

Traditional carved Chinese Jian sword-TZ227418

This is a luxurious Chinese LongQuan Jian sword, the sword fittings rare made out of brass with full hand engrave. the blade using forged and folded steel with hamon, very beautiful and attractive folded grain and hamon after mirror polished. full tang construction make sword strength and ready for cutting practice, the scabbard are made out of ebony. 

this is a great sword whatever hang on wall for decoration or for cutting practice.

Hand engraved LongQuan Jian-TZ371471

This is a upgraded LongQuan Jian sword, Comparing the plain cutting Jian, We upgraded sword fittings and blade. we forged blade with folded steel with hamon, very beautiful and attractive folded grain and hamon after mirror polished. the fittings keep natural brass color with hand engraved. the scabbard are made out of ebony.

the sword not only for cutting practice but a gorgeous decoration and great collection.

Double dragon Chinese Jian sword-TZ20170717

This is a engraved double design of Chinese Jian/sword, The fittings are made out of brass and engraved,We created it for cutting purpose, folded steel with full tang construction. saya and handle are made of rosewood. 

Octahedral Han Jian-TZ135407

This Han dynasty style double edge sword come with full tang construction and octahedral blade to make blade very strong, suitable for heavy cutting practice. it is a reproduction of the original forged Jian of Chinese Han Dynasty. Solid brass cast fittings, high carbon folded octahedral blade,clay tempered blade and hand polished have traditional looking. Pinned handle and pinned pommel takes solid handle construction. 

Upgraded Han Jian sword-TZ20170419

This Replica of traditinoal Han DynastyJian/sword using T10 folded steel for blade. blade edge got very good hardness after using different hardened clay tempered method. full tang construction (blade and tang created in one piece steel) make the sword powerful and strength when you do real cutting use.  the blade polished by full hand to take folded grain and hamon line out quite visible and attractiveThis is full functional sword, it was extremely sharp. we upgrade fittings for this sword. original of this sword fitting(pommel) are glued on the handle(in fact, the most of Hanjian pommel still use glue on market), we upgraded the pommel with nut to fit screw on the end of the tang. complete avoid pommel come off from handle. and make the sword much stronger and safer after use it long time.

Enoby wood for the scabbard.

Affordable Jian sword-TZ20161011

Sinosword forged this Jian sword at very reasonable price for some customer who looking for affordable Jian for cutting practice or display of decoration. the blade forged use folded steel with full tang construction, full hand polished take elegant folded grain out visible. the features of this sword is the fittings use casting brass, it look like our high quality hand engrave fittings, but price much more reasonable. another feature is the scabbard and hand use black wood, similar with ebony, but more good price. 

Octahedral Han Jian/sword(八面汉剑)-TZ20130818

This Replica of Han DynastyJian/sword Blade and tang created in one piece steel. The blade using T10 folded steel. blade edge got very good hardness after using different hardened clay tempered method. the blade polished by full hand to take folded grain and hamon line out quite visible and attractive. Octahedral blade shape, replica of earlier of Han dynasty sword. suitable for heavy cutting. This is full functional sword, it was extremely sharp, Please be careful when you play it. All fittings was made out of solid brass. it features a pommel different with normally other Han Jian fittings. we make nut on the pommel, that means don't need glue to make pommel on handle, complete avoid pommel come off from handle. we custom make wood handle according to tang one by one to avoid to much space wihtin tang and handle, and avoid rattle after use it long time. Ebony scabbard make the sword elegant and high-end.

Plain Han Jian/Sword-TZ20140321

This Han Dynasty Jian features Plain brass fittings, double groove for blade lighting, Overall looking is simplicity and quality. It is full forged by T10 folded steel with through hardened and heat treated, The pommel  with screw constructionto connect blade tang, handle construction is pretty solid. Scabbard and handle wood all are made of ebony wood. We also offer many options of customizations as your personal needed.

Tang Dynasty Jian/sword(唐剑) -TZ20160604

This Tang dynasty style Jian/sword blade build on hand-forged T10 steel, double cutting edge with real clay tempered hamon using traditional method. full tang construction and 2 pegs fixed hilt on the tang to make the sword strength and durable for real use. all fittings are made out of cast brass. the scabbard and hilt material is Suanzhi wood(rosewood). this is a good looking, and good priced sword whatever you use it for real use or showpiece.

Classic Two Hand Han Dynasty Jian-TZ20160428

This Chinese Swords design used during the Han Dynasty (206BC to 200AD), The desing is common and classic.In the past years,We worked together with a Canadian company,they helped us a lost for this sword replica,especially on the handle construction and blade performance, and we both got good selling. It is time to take it out to share.

9260 Steel cutting Jian/Sword-TZ20121211

Comparing the blacken cutting Jian, We removed black rayskin wrapping on the handle and we use 9260 spring steel with through hardened for more reasonable price. Fittings keeps blackening, the blade with engraving of our company name in Chinese character. As we knew 9260 steel have well performance for tameshigiri of Japanese sword, It is also working for Chinese Jian. We offer two colors of scabbard.Black lacquered or nature rosewood color.

Cutting Jian/Blackened-TZ135402

This Classical design of Chinese Jian,Blacken fittings looks traditional and tasted ,We created it for cutting purpose,It is also light and nimble for practice.  This is our the most popular and best selling Jian in the past years,We also offer many options of customizations, different choice of blade steel,rayskin color,laminated blade and scabbard material, Sword legnth, blade thickness, balance point all can be customized by your personal needed. Anyway,This subtle and tasteful Jian design is a good choice for Jian lover.

Qi Jian/Sword(齐剑)-TZ2010926

An ancient Jian design from Warring States period of Chinese history,The sword name from one ofWarringStateQi Guo(state).

This sword for two hand using, slender sword design takes well balance. Handle and scabbard cotton wrapping can be changed to rayskin

Classical LongQuan Jian/Sword-TZ47758

In China, the most famous Jian was made in Longquan from ancient dynasty to today. This is a classical design of Long quan Jian/sword,The Guard deisng from sycee. It symbolizes as fortune and health for Chinese. The blade with 10 times folded with great pattern, the grain lookes like feather.It is suitable for light cutting and collection. 

ChengYing Jian/Sword(承影劍)-TZ20120605

This is one of our own designed and developed fittings,We named it Chengying Jian(承影劍),Chengying is one of TOP ten Chinese Jian in ancient legends. The legend says the owner of this Jian was the emperor of Shang Dynasty-The second dynasty of China.Chengying Jian symbol as carried elegant weapon for gentleman.This Jian looks very solid and beautiful, silver plated fittings match with red/black cotton is very tasteful.that's way we use Chengying to name this Jian. 

Short Han Jian/Sword-TZ1385911

This shorter Han Dynasty Jian with another version of classic fittings in Han Dynasty.The guard is smaller, Red cotton wrapping is very nice matching.Han style grooved blade,Folded steel blade with sharp edge, hand polishing and hand sharpened. We offer two version of blade, the another type is diamond pattern by etching craft.

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