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Practical affordable cutting Jian for sale


As of the year 2015, there was a major shortage in the custom sword market for quality sharpened jian which could be used for superior test-cutting. This special cutting jian was thus originally made as a prototype to be tested byshifu Jonathan Bluestein, author of Research of Martial Arts. It has since become a product we are proud of.

In the making of this sword we sought to improve upon existing market models, such as Scott Roddell’s cutting jian. To do so, with collaborated with shifu Bluestein and sought his advice. Shifu Bluestein then deliberated the issue with Chinese weaponry experts Thomas Chen and Walter Diociaiuti. Weighing in on the cons and pros of current market models, these three professionals have come up with a design proposal which led to the production of this unique jian before you. The idea was to make a sword which was durable, reliable, ‘combat-ready’, impact resistant and cheap enough to be affordable for a wide array of martial arts enthusiasts.

Handle: Was made of hardwood (can be chosen to be customized as Ebony), to avoid wood deformation and consequent rattling – which often occurs with swords used for test-cutting. Handle length is 18cm or 7’’ (tip of pommel to end of guard), to allow both single and double-handed usage, and in order to yield superior balance. The handle can be customized to either include or omit a Japanese-style bamboo pin (Mekugi-ana) which helps hold the blade in place inside.

Blade: 9260 through-hardened steel for durability and flexibility. The thickest point, near the guard, is 8mm, which was deemed most appropriate. Thickness at the tip is about 4.2mm, which is just enough. The tip is not too ‘pointy’ to avoid deformation upon impact, but still has an edge. Blade length is 78cm (30.7’’), which is within the upper limit of historical single-handed jian. The blade is sharp, but not extremely so, as excessive sharpness makes as the cutting edge vulnerable to deformation.

Overall length:  98cm (38.58’’) – still within the length range of historical single-handed jian. The increase in length is chiefly due to the longer handle.

Weight and balance: This sword can be customized between 850-950 grams (without the scabbard) – just slightly heavy to enable proper cutting. The point of balance is roughly 4.5’’ (11.5cm) from the guard, which feels very nice and centered in the hand at this weight, but with enough weight towards the tip to allow smooth cuts. 

Fittings: beautiful and made of brass, to reduce costs. 

Scabbard: Made of quality rosewood, and can be customized to be made of Ebony.

The sword has proven highly effective in tests, as can be seen in the short demonstration video by shifu Bluestein below, cutting bamboo. While doing the test-cutting, shifu Bluestein was training with his friend, Shahar Yitzhaik sensei of Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu. Our cutting jian performed just as well in cutting bamboo as Yitzhaik sensei’s heavy shinken katana. Feel free to contact us with any more questions concerning this sword.


Blackened version cutting Jian


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