Qi Jian/Sword(齐剑)-TZ2010926


An ancient Jian design from Warring States period of Chinese history,The sword name from one ofWarringStateQi Guo(state).

This sword for two hand using, slender sword design takes well balance. Handle and scabbard cotton wrapping can be changed to rayskin

  • Solid cast brass fitting with antique finish. 
  • T10 steel forged folded blade, differential hardened, wave temper line(hamon) 
  • Fully functional sharp blade, battle ready
  • Ebony scabbard and handle 
  • Black cotton cord 
  • 82cm blade,28cm handle,sword weight about 1100g without scabbard, balance point 13cm 



If you plan to buy a sword, but no idea what sword you want. please real this article, it will much help to you choosing
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