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Short Han Jian/Sword-TZ1385911


This shorter Han Dynasty Jian with another version of classic fittings in Han Dynasty.The guard is smaller, Red cotton wrapping is very nice matching.Han style grooved blade,Folded steel blade with sharp edge, hand polishing and hand sharpened. We offer two version of blade, the another type is diamond pattern by etching craft.

  • Solid cast brass fitting with antique finish. 
  • High carbon folded steel
  • Fully functional sharp blade, battle ready
  • Rosewood scabbard and grip, nature wood color.
  • Red and black cotton cord 
  • 52cm blade,20cm handle
  • Pinned pommel

Blade Length:  52cm(20 1/2") Handle length: 16cm(6 1/3")
Blade steel:  T10 folded steel  Fittings: brass fitting 
Blade construction:  Mono  Handle: Rosewood
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish Wood: RoseWood
Hamon:  N/A Blade width:3.5cm





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