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Big Heavy Cutting Tamahagane(TZ20161206)


This tamahagane was customized by one of our customer, It is big and wide for heavy cutitng purpose.

The features is The same blade wide from motohaba to sakihaba,Top traditional polish with Random Hamon, 30" inch long blade, 1.37" inch "Wide Blade" Katana a measurement that runs true along the entire length of a vicious blade, Full Tang, and double pegged, with unique 4" inch Long O Kissaki. The Tsuka is 12" inches long Black Leather wrapped battle style( katate maki) black samegawa ray skin, with silver plated tsuba and fuchi & kashira fittings. All Silver color fittings, the Menuki, and Habaki and seppa.

Hand-Forged From Tamahagane Steel

*  30" - Full Tang - Double Pegged "Wide Blade" w/ False Cutting Edge Spine
*  12.0" Long Tsuka (sword handle) for Superior Balance, Agility & Speed of Draw
*  Brass Tsuba matching Fuchi, Menuki, Kashira Set. plated in silver color
* 58 RC Hardness of Ha -- 45 RC Hardness of Shinogi-ji
* The same blade wide from habaki to yokote

* Natural White Samegawa (real ray skin)

* Two type of kissaki design



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