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Do you happen to know how we make our high-quality swords?

Below is depicted the step-by-step process by which we make Japanese Katana swords. The process shown is relevant to the creation of Tamahagane steel blades, which we take care to make using the traditional methods, as done in Japan.

 Stage 1:  Quality ore is selected. This is the raw material from which we would make the tamahagane blade.


Stage 2: The tatara is used for smelting and reducing the iron, in order to further refine the ore. In this process, chunks known as Watetsu or Wakoh are created.


Stage 3 (Tamahashi - iron selection):   The Watetsu are hammered down to create thinner strips in small pieces. From these are selected the best ones to be turned into the future blade.

Stage 4 (Tsumi-wakashi): The selected small pieces are stacked on a tool and wrapped in paper so they are held together firmly. The stack is coated with clay juice, upon which are tightly scattered straw ashes. The package is now ready for the forging process.

tsumi wakashitsumi wakashi

tsumi wakashitsumi wakashi

Stage 5 (Shitakitae): The previously mentioned stack undergoes rough forging in order to make it into a single piece of homogeneous steel.


Stage 6 (Tanren - forging and folding): Different parts of the blade are forged is succession (body, ridge, edge, etc). Then they are folded over and over, and later reforged to be recombined into a single unit.



Stage 7 (Hidzukuri - Shaping) - The shape of the katana is created during this stage. Our skilled swordsmiths work tirelessly, hammering away, heating and reheating, until the blade takes shape.



Stage 8 (Tsuchi-tori and Yaki-ire - the clay tempering and quenching process):  Differential hardening. The blade is coated with a mixture of clay and charcoal. It is then immediately cooled with water at once after being pre-heated to 800ºC. The hamon is produced by this process as well.



Stage 9 (Togi/Shiage - Sharpening and polishing the blade).


Stage 10 - final assembly. Once this is done, the katana is ready.


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