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Tsuka()-sword handle or hilt

Tsuka are sword hilt or handle for Japanese sword. components by wooden core, samegawa, ito. we offer 3 type different material ito. tsuka-maki are very important for tsuka or for whole katana. tsuka-ito will be very tight if tsuka-maki with hishigami. 

1) Cotton tsuka ito

A1 A2

A3 A4

A5 A6

A7 A8

2)Artification silk ito

B1 B2

B3 B4

B5 B6

B7 B8

B9 B10

3) Artification leather ito

Same color(rayskin color)

White Black

Green blue

Red Yellow

Full same wrap

Battle ready tsukamaki style(katate maki)

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