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Tsunami(津波) katana series for tameshigiri

The following katana are sinosword newest forged for somebody who looking for tsunami theme katana. 

We forged this tsunam series katana for tameshigiri試し斬り(test cutting) for tatami and bamboo targets.these katana blade was made out of T10 steel and T10 folded steel, as we know T10 steel is best steel for tameshiggiri because of it has high performance and competitive price. 

We made all of these katana tsukamaki with hashigami, it is very tight and safety to allowing repeating use and heavy cutting practice. we select these quality fittings ready for tough use. all of this series katana ready for real use, full tang construction, strength and durable. 

All of these sword was inspected by Mr. Kane after it finished, please feel free to order it. 

If you would like change saya and ito color, or want to do more customization, please just Email us, we will do it for you.

  • Strength and durable
  • Hand polished and sharpened(unsharp available)
  • Ready for tough use
  • Tsukamaki with hishigami, tight and good feeling when you hold it
  • Full tang construction
  • Affordable
  • Differentially hardened hamon
  • Quality saya finish
  • customize order available

Tsunami(津波) katana-1050 steel


This katana designed for iaido practice or light tameshigiri(試斬,test cutting) target, the blade forged using 1050 carbon steel with geometric bohi(groove) on both side to provide the correct weight(about 950g without saya) and balance needed for the rigors of repetitive drawing and sword swing practice. the deeply bohi produce proper sounding feedback when it be swung. the finest tsunami(ocean) koshirae was made out of cast iron, durable for tough using. tsuka wrapped silk ito and authentic rayskin inlay, tsukamaki with hishigami make the tsuka full and very tight. kuroishime(texture) finished saya. quanlity and thicker sageo on saya.

Tsunami(津波) katana-T10 steel


This is sinosword major cutting sword, it is the best cost-effective katana we have. the blade forged use T10/1095 steel without bohi was processed heat treatments and differentially clay tempered, to make blade body great strength and durable. it was designed for heavy cutting practice. the attractive hamon was took out very clear visible after full hand polished. the cutting edge sharpened by hand, extremely sharp. it is a very desirable and functional cutting katana. tsunami theme koshiae was made out of solid brass, durable for your tough use. tsuka wrapped by quality cotton ito and authentic raykin inside. the saya finished by quality glossy lacquered, koiguchi, kurigata and kojiri polished from buffalo horn, simplicity and elegant. 

Tsunami(津波) katana-dark brown


This quality katana was designed from tsunami theme. the blade forged using T10 steel with differential hardened hamon. geomtric bohi on both side and though to the kissaki to provide proper weight and good balance that a combinations of fastdraw and cutting ability. featuring a top-grade koshirae was made out of copper and details in gold. dark brwon silk ito wrapped on tsuka and authentic rayskin inlay make it is excellent elegant sword. quality glossy saya combined rattan part. koiguchi, kurigata, kojiri polished from buffalo horn.

Tsunami(津波) katana-folded steel


Sinosword forged and folded this katana utilizing T10 steel with other steel. differentially hardened tempered using clay method to produce cutting edge hardness HRc58-60 and HRc50 on back. this supplied edge holding and cutting ability while the blade do tough cutting. the prominent hamon line and elegant folded pattern very clear visible after hand polished. the finest koshirae was made out of solid brass with tsunami theme, ready for tough use. the saya finished with quality dark blue lacquered and the tsuka wrapped use navy blue ito to matching tsunami theme. this is excellent katana whatever as a cutting sword or showpiece. 

Tsunami(津波) katana-Warlord


This is our tsunami series line of well crafted swords. dotanuki style blade terrific powerful and durable for test cutting. the blade thicker and wider proper for tough use. the blade forged-folded by hand with heat treatment process, different hardened tempered hamon by traditional clay method. This allows for superior blade holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. Red leather ito wrapped on tsuka over authentic rayskin, tsuka-maki with hishirgami, very tight and great feedback when you hold the tsuka.  top-grade koshirae is the katana's characteristic, copper material and details ingenuine gold and silver. quality saya finished with black glossy lacquered, genuine rayskin part on the top of saya.

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