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Unokubi shirasaya-TZ20130413


We forged this sword using T10 steel with unokubi zukuri. the differential hardened hamon are created by traditional claying method. This allows for superior edge holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. the hamon very prominent after cosmetic polished by jizuya(finger stone). simplicity are the shirasaya sword characteristic. the saya just natural finish. 

  • T10 steel
  • Differential hardened hamon
  • Powerful and affordable
  • Full construction
  • Functionally and Simplicity
  • Buffalo horn parts
  • Natural finish saya and tsuka


Blade shape:   Unokubi zukuri Blade length: 73cm(28.7")
Blade steel:  T10 steel Tsuka length: 28cm(11")
Blade construction:  Maru Tsukamaki: none
Blade polish:  Cosmetic polish Ito: None
Hamon:  clay tempered hamon    Samewaga: None

Bohi/Hi: Geomtric bohi

Samewaga color: None
Motohaba:   3.2cm Saya: Natural wood
Sori:  1.8cm Koiguchi&Kurigata&kojiri: Black Horn



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