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Upgraded Han Jian sword-TZ20170419


This Replica of traditinoal Han DynastyJian/sword using T10 folded steel for blade. blade edge got very good hardness after using different hardened clay tempered method. full tang construction (blade and tang created in one piece steel) make the sword powerful and strength when you do real cutting use.  the blade polished by full hand to take folded grain and hamon line out quite visible and attractiveThis is full functional sword, it was extremely sharp. we upgrade fittings for this sword. original of this sword fitting(pommel) are glued on the handle(in fact, the most of Hanjian pommel still use glue on market), we upgraded the pommel with nut to fit screw on the end of the tang. complete avoid pommel come off from handle. and make the sword much stronger and safer after use it long time.

Enoby wood for the scabbard.

  • Full funcational blade
  • Blade with hamon
  • Brass fittings and the pommel with nut
  • Strength and elegant
  • Ebony scabbard
  • Ready for real use

Blade Length:  78cm Hanle length: 26cm
Blade steel:  T10 folded steel Fittings: brass  fitting 
POB:13cm Handle wrapping: Wax Cotton
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish Wood: Ebony
Hamon: clay tempered hamon Blade width:3.5cm
Blade weight:1100g without scabbard



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