Since launching our website in 2006, we have produced and exported over ten thousands hand-forged swords. Over these years, we have established a strong reputation for quality and service with countless retailers, martial arts practitioners, and sword enthusiasts all over the world.


During the past years, we have noticed that an increasing number of sword lovers have begun ordering directly from the forge. Some of these clients have actually had very high levels of knowledge on the topic of swords, and through the sharing of ideas and best practices, JKOO sword has become an even better producer of custom swords than we were 6 short years ago. Along with the increase in business from dealing with more end-users, we also have established better and more rigorous quality control protocols.


We now feel that the time is right to open a direct online store, right from our website. As before, JKOO SWORD will continue to supply the same huge selection of custom options at a reasonable price, only now our direct customers will have a clearer understanding of our product, and of its pricing.


Like any business, dealing directly with the manufacturer means greater savings for the client. Our goal is to continue to earn our now established reputation for providing extremely high quality products and to maintain our 99.9% customer satisfaction level, all at the best price possible. For retailers, we will still be providing your business with the kind of support to which you have grown accustomed.


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