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Iaito - aluminium katana-TZ20130718


This sword blade created by aluminium, it is very light suitable for female iaidoka. you can easy to practicing Japenese sword drawing arts, or iaido. blunt blades ensure your safety when you use it. 

The most important that you only to spend $55 on your first sword.  

quality? full tang construction, real rayskin(samekawa) for tsuka, cotton ito...anyway, this is an excellent entry-level sword

If your girlfriend, or your wife is a iaido practicer , this iaito will be very suitable gift for her.  we also accept custom make this sword for you.

  • Real same(rayskin) inlays
  • Light(Approximately 600g without saya)
  •  Affordable
  • Full tang construction

Blade shape:   Shinogi zukuri Blade length: 71cm(28")
Blade steel:  Aluminium Tsuka length: 26cm(10")
Blade construction:  Mono Tsukamaki: Without Hishi-gami
Blade polish:  Mirror polish Ito: Cotton-Red
Hamon:  Wire brushed fake hamon Samewaga: Panel

Bohi/Hi:  Single

Samekawa color: White
Motohaba:   3.2cm Saya: Red plus glint
Sori:  1.8cm Koiguchi&Kurigata&kojiri: Wood



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