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Iaito(居合刀)-Practice Swords

A modern metal practice sword, without cutting edge and are designed for iai/battō practice and are usually unsuited for sword-to-sword contact. These should not be confused with other fake swords, which are primarily made for decorative reasons andare not designed for impacting any type of targets. we make iaito blade utilizing 1050 steel, aluminium alloy and stainless steel for your iaido training needs. all of our iaito unsharp and with bohi to produce the proper sounding hasuji.

Quality Musashi iaito
TZ20151201 $98
Iaito - aluminium katana
TZ20130718 $55
Aluminium alloy iaito TZ20110518 $79
Practical iaito
TZ20160621 $119
1050 steel iaito TZ20130619 $89
Musashi iaito TZ20130707 $59

Quality Musashi iaito-TZ20151201

Musashi katana was forged use 1050 carbon steel, blunt edge suitable for iaido and  Battōjutsu practice.

It is great sword for iaido practice. sinosword forged this iaito as iaijutsu pratice and Battōjutsu practice. the blade about 950g without saya, balance point about 10cm from tsuba. it will make easy when you drawing sword. 

The Blade with bohi to produce  the proper sounding hasuji. 

Fittings material is brass, solid and durable.

Tuskamaki with hishigami, very tight. provide good protection when you drawing the sword.

Iaito - aluminium katana-TZ20130718

This sword blade created by aluminium, it is very light suitable for female iaidoka. you can easy to practicing Japenese sword drawing arts, or iaido. blunt blades ensure your safety when you use it. 

The most important that you only to spend $55 on your first sword.  

quality? full tang construction, real rayskin(samekawa) for tsuka, cotton ito...anyway, this is an excellent entry-level sword

If your girlfriend, or your wife is a iaido practicer , this iaito will be very suitable gift for her.  we also accept custom make this sword for you

Aluminium alloy Iaito-TZ20110518

This iaito utilizing light almuminium alloy blade, suitable for beginer of iaido practicer. the most important is that you can drawing it easy, and produce very nice taichikaze(sword wind, you can hear the voice when you  sword). Tsuka has rayskin inlays and dark brown ito wrapped. All fittings is made of solid brass. The saya has a kuroro high gloss black lacquer finish. this is classic iaito we recommended for those who plan to train battodo and iaido.

Customize order available.

Practical Iaito(居合刀)-TZ20160621

This Practical Iaito has an unsharp training blade forged from stainless steel. The blade provide the correct weight and balance needed for the rigors of repetitive drawing and sword motion practice, deeply groove (bo-hi) to provide audible feedback when swung properly. the quality brass fittings mounted. artificial silk ito wrapped on tsuka with hishigami, and genuine rayskin inlay. the saya finished with quality black lacquered, kurigata, koiguchi and kojiri are made out of horn.

1050 steel Iaito-TZ20130619

This katana not designed for sword-on-sword contact or actual test cutting. the blade forged using 1050 carbon steel with suguha(straight) wire brushed hamon. the deep bohi on both side of the blade, which allows for a lighter blade and audible feedback when swung.the koshirae(fittings) use iron and brass, durable for real use. quality artificial silk ito on tsuka, and tsukamaki with hishigami to make it pretty tight and good feel when you hold it. the saya finished with black glossy lacquer. 

Musashi Iaito-TZ20130707

Our this musashi iaito made of 1050 carbon steel combination of reasonable price and functionality. it is much more durable than aluminum alloy Iaito, and very affordable practice swords are the ideal training tools for safely practicing the ancient art of Iaido. the blade has an un-edged and bohi on both side to provide the correct weight and balance needed for the rigors of repetitive drawing and sword motion practice. double ring musashi tsuba are made of iron, durable for day and night use. 

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