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Kairyu katana(海竜刀)-TZ20150909


The Kairyu katana built on forged-folded steel blade in shinogi zukuri and the blade is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method. The hamon (temper line) are very prominent after hand polished.  and the finest and elegant feather pattern hada are characteristic of this katana. dragon horimono on blade to matching motifof dragon koshiare(fittings) which from our top-grade are made out of copper with detail in gold and silver plated. black artificial ito wrapped on tsuka with hishi-gami and quality authentic rayskin inlay. the saya are finished with full rattan covered and glossy black lacquered. it is a very desirable and functional piece you looking at.

  • Forged and folded steel
  • Feather pattern hada
  • Dragon() motif koshirae
  • Clay tempered hamon
  • Full tang construction
  • Tsuka-maki with hishi-gami, fully and tightly
  • Ready for real use
  • Navy blue lacquered finish saya
  • Superb and durable


Blade shape:   Shinogi zukuri Blade length: 72.5cm(28.5")
Blade steel:  Folded steel Tsuka length: 26cm(10")
Blade construction:  Mono Tsukamaki: with hishi-gami
Blade polish:  Mirror polish Ito: Artificial silk-black
Hamon:  Real clay tempered hamon Samewaga: Panel

Bohi/Hi:  Single

Samewaga color: White
Motohaba:   3.2cm Saya:  full rattan covered and glossy black lacquered



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