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The katana(刀) is the type of Japanese longsword or backsword, katana used to be called uchigatana(打刀,strike sword), it is a specific type of curved and single edged sword, traditionally used by the Japanese samurai, so it also be known as samurai sword. we forged these katana are functional shinken(真剣, real sword) by hand for real use. these sword are builded for tameshigiri( 試し斬り, test cutting) for tatami and bamboo tagets as reasonable price. you should be looking at it if you need a affordable quality katana for real training. customize order available.

Choji hamon katana
TZ20181101 $299
Sakabatou(Reverse Blade) katana
TZ20180226 $299
Koshi-zori katana
TZ20140312 $239
Tomoe motif Sanmai steel katana
TZ20170724 $319
Mokko Extra O-katana
TZ20170725 $399
Golden Tsunami ko-katana
TZ20160921  $199
TZ20140322 $269
Dotanuki katana(同田贯) TZ20150812 $229
KaiRyu katana(海竜刀) TZ20150909 $349
Red and Black Katana
Dragon tiger katana(竜虎刀)
TZ20150725 $259
Shinto katana-神道刀 TZ20130708 $399
Tora katana-(虎刀) TZ20120615 $219
Musashi katana(武藏刀) TZ20140426 $139
Tough tameshigiri katana(試斬) TZ20130618 $239
Japanese Tsurugi/Ken(剑)
Big Heavy Cutting Tamahagane
TZ20161206 $599

Choji hamon katana-TZ20181101

This katana we designed as our customer requested, the blade forged use T10 steel with Clay differentially hardened tempered hamon. the katana features is choji hamon was created. geometric bohi included. tsuba, fuchi&kashira use our top quality copper series, tsukamaki with hishigami and full rayskin covered, very tight and excellent feeling when you hold it. this is high-end katana what ever you use it for cutting practice or for decoration.

Glossy white saya come with brown buffalo horn.

Sakabatou(Reverse Blade) katana(TZ20140804)

We custom made thisSakabatō(Reverse Blade, 逆刃刀) katana using tamahagane with traditional polish blade. we forged and folded tamahagane steel entirely as traditional way, jizuya and hazuya polished take out hamon and hada very clear. total cost is $1108 for this katana, include shipping cost.

Leather tsuka-ito and full wrap rayskin for tsuka, Tsukamaki with hishigami, very tight. 

Full rayskin Saya with horn fittings. 

Sanmai Uchigatana(打刀)-TZ20180226

The Uchigatana is a T10 folded blade with sanmai lamination. no much different with modern katana, but little shorter. 66cm blade combines great strength with excellent flexibility and shock absorption characteristics, The hamon (temper line) and hada (folding pattern) are very attractive after hand mirror polished.

The tsuka wrapped black cotton ito with hishigami, tightly and great feeling when you hold it. red copper tsuba and brass fuchi&kashira make the sword high grade looking. the saya glossy finish come with black horn fittings.

This sword was designed and built specifically for cutting practice or collection.

Koshi-zori katana-TZ20140312

This ko-katana we designed as our customer requested, the blade forged use T10 steel with Clay differentially hardened tempered hamon. the katana features is koshi-zori shape with ko-kissaki without bohi suitable for heavy cutting practice. musashi tsuba and fuchi&kashira with tsunami motif, tsukamaki with hishigami use cotton tsuka-ito, very tight and excellent feeling when you hold it. real white rayskin cover on the handle. 

Glossy black saya come with brown buffalo horn, very matching with whole sword.

Tomoe motif Sanmai steel katana-TZ20170724

The katana were designed by Matthew Jensen for comprehensiveperformance review. The tsuba are crafted in blackened iron with Tomoe-mon motif. the blade are forged using folded steel come with sanmai lamination, the features a different style bohi combined on blade. differentially hardened hamon base on traditional clay tempered method, and atractive suguha(straight) hamon and folded pattern visible after handle polished. the tsuka-maki with hishigami using artificial silk tsuka-ito and authentic rayskin inlay. the saya full wrapped with rattan and lacquered in matte black. 

Mokko Extra O-katana-TZ20170725

This Mokko katana features an extra O-katana blade forged using T10 steel, Which combines an outstanding and attractive suguha hamon after with cosmetic. 38" blade and 1.65" motohaba distinguishing other regular katana. wider blade and niku polished supplied blade power and strength for tough cutting. full tang construction with 2 pegs ensure your safety to use it. 

The fittings are made of iron, customized mokko tsuba diameter about 10cm to make this o-katana. tsuka-maki with hishigami make handle full feeling and very tight. 

it is an excellent cutting sword.

Golden Tsunami ko-katana(TZ20160921)

This ko-katana is our new line, It is forged by T10 steel, Clay differentially hardened tempered process produce an elegant hamon. the blade without bohi make the blade heavy and powerful, suitable for heavy cutting practice. brass tsuba and fuchi&kashira with tsunami motif, the tsuka-ito and sageo are made of navy blue artificial silk, and tsukamaki with hishigami, very tight and good feel when you hold it. real white rayskin cover on the handle. 

Black matte saya is very matching with whole sword. This sword created for tameshigiri purpose,We proud offer this quality sword with a great price. 


this O-katana utilizing a hand forged and folded blade, nagasa 34". the blade is differentially tempered using the traditional claying method to make cutting edge hardness about 58HRc. this allowing katana easy to cutting stuff like bamboo, tatami, iron sheet etc. full hand polished make attractive hamon and hada(folded pattern) are clearly visible. the koshirae are made out of solid brass. the saya finished with glossy dark red lacquered, koiguchi, kurigata and kojiri are made of buffalo horn. tsuka-maki wrapped with authentic leather ito. 

Dotanuki katana(同田贯)-TZ20150821

This style katana design is characterized by thick and heavy blade, simplicity and durability. the sword was designed to cut off its target in a single cut.  it was created by the famous swordsmith Dotanuki Kunikatsu.

Kunikatsu became know as Masakuni because Japan's most famous Generals "Kato Kiyomasa" made the sword of his choice a "Dotanuki"( Dotanuki schools style was very simple, and the reason being is the smiths would concentrate on its ability to cut, its durability and quality level), in honor of this great smithing achievement,and gave Kunikatsu part of his own name as an accolade. Thereafter, swords of the “Dotanuki Masakuni” design were forever guaranteed a place in the halls of Japan's long history.

Kairyu katana(海竜刀)-TZ20150909

The Kairyu katana built on forged-folded steel blade in shinogi zukuri and the blade is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method. The hamon (temper line) are very prominent after hand polished.  and the finest and elegant feather pattern hada are characteristic of this katana. dragon horimono on blade to matching motifof dragon koshiare(fittings) which from our top-grade are made out of copper with detail in gold and silver plated. black artificial ito wrapped on tsuka with hishi-gami and quality authentic rayskin inlay. the saya are finished with full rattan covered and glossy black lacquered. it is a very desirable and functional piece you looking at.

Red and Black katana(TZ20151213)

The katana is a very desirable and funcational piece. we designed it red and black color to make sword passionate. the blade forged and folded use 1095 steel with clay tempered differential hardened hamon without hamon to make blade heavy and strength for cutting practice. 

The black saya top part wrapped red rayskin and tsuka covered red rayskin wrapped black ito. the whole katana looked striking and pleasant.

The tsuba and fuchi&kashira use top quality red copper. other fittings all use brass.

Dragon tiger katana(竜虎刀)-TZ20150725

This katana designed for cutting practice purpose. The blade forged use T10/1095 steel through in difficulties heat treatment and clay tempered process that combines great strength with excellent flexibility and affordable characteristics. the katana shaped shinogi zukuri, full hand polish and sharpened. the katana features is mounted top quality copper fittings with dragon tiger theme and elegant dark brown cotton tsuka-ito. the saya finished with quality glossy lacquered. this katana is a very desirable and functional piece.

Shinto katana-神道刀(TZ20130708)

This is an all-new design katana by sinosword, utilizing hand forged and folded functionality blade and finest koshirae(mounting). the blade forged and folded use T10 steel with differentially hardened hamon. blade was traditional polished use jizuya and hazuya to make the hamon (temper line) and hada (folding pattern) are extremely prominent. the toso(fittings:tsuba, fuchi&kashira, menuki) are all made from blackened iron. the tsuka wrapped navy blue tsuka ito. authentic quality rayskin(same) cover on the tsuka. the saya kuroro black glossy lacquered finish, top quality sageo including, kuiguchi, kurigata and koriji are of polished buffalo horn

Tora Katana(虎刀)-TZ20120615

This tora(tiger) katana utilizing a hand forged Performance T10 steel blade and tiger motif fittings. the koshirae is our top quality fittings are made out of copper and detail in gold plating.  the blade differentially tempered using the traditional claying method which produces cutting edge hardness about HRC58-60. this allows for cutting ability while allowing the blade for tough cutting practice. the tsuka wrapped artificial silk ito and black authentic rayskin inlay. the saya texture lacqurer finished.

Musashi katana(武藏刀)-TZ20140426

This katana is a replica of the very famous Japanese swordmaster Miyamoto Musashi, probably the most famous swordmaster in Japanese history. this replica katana utilizing 1050 forged-folded steel blade body with heat treatments process with clay tempered hamon combination cutting ability at very reasonable prices. the folded hada(pattern) very prominent and quite attractive after hand polished.  features a double ring tsuba and fuchi&kashirae which made from cast iron. the navy blue artificial silk ito wrapped on tsuka with authentic rayskin inlay, full tang construction ready for real use. the saya finished with glossy lacquer finish.

Tough tameshigiri katana(試斬刀)-TZ20130618

This katana was designed for tough tameshigiri(試斬 test cutting) for tatami and bamboo targets. the funcational blade hand forged-folded using T10 steel, we fallow traditional clay method to create differentially hardened hamon. This allows for edge holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. the finest koshirae are made from brass, quite durable for tough use. this should be a great shinken at reasonable price if you are looking for a katana that can be use to the rigors of cutting practice.

Japanese Tsurugi/Ken(剑)-TZ20131116

This replica of Japanese tsurugi/ken which forged using T10 steel with straight hamon. the hamon build use traditional clay method. the features is double cutting edge with full tang constructions. the tang fit hilt with 2 pegs to support tough use sword. shirasaya without adornment make it simplicity and affordable. this is a practical and powerful sword for real use. 

Big Heavy Cutting Tamahagane(TZ20161206)

This tamahagane was customized by one of our customer, It is big and wide for heavy cutitng purpose.

The features is The same blade wide from motohaba to sakihaba,Top traditional polish with Random Hamon, 30" inch long blade, 1.37" inch "Wide Blade" Katana a measurement that runs true along the entire length of a vicious blade, Full Tang, and double pegged, with unique 4" inch Long O Kissaki. The Tsuka is 12" inches long Black Leather wrapped battle style( katate maki) black samegawa ray skin, with silver plated tsuba and fuchi & kashira fittings. All Silver color fittings, the Menuki, and Habaki and seppa.

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