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Koshirae(拵え)-Mountings of Japanese sword 

Koshirae is mounts of sword, which means is mounted for katana or wakizashi blade. including various furniture and metal fittings(tsuba,fuchi&kashira etc). Select koshirae to assemble your own customize sword as your mind. and make it unique. 


The regular tsuba are designed interchangeable or replaceable. easy to select tsuba as your mind. All of our sword can be disassembled, you can derect replace your katana tsuba yourself, or change your katana theme.


3 different material tsuka ito available. diverse various color waiting for your choose. build a gorgeous and suitable tsuka fom here.


Select a saya to match your customize katana. length? color? material? just tell us what you want. 


Sinosword develop 6 styles quality thick sageo. it you do not select sageo, we will use sageo same as ito.

Habbaki & seppa

Don't forget habaki and seppa. Just throw away those cheap seppa, we offer 3 quality thick seppa for you.


Select fuchi, kashira and menuki to match your tsuba theme. 

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