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Mini Tanto-TZ20160509


The mini tanto features a double edge Ken style. the blade built on forged and folded T10 steel with mirror polished. the elegant tsuka and saya made out of rosewood with buffalo horn parts. the tsuka fixed tang use 2 bamboo mekugi(pegs), extreme strong and Reliability. This is undoubtedly one of the most awesome and powerful mini tanto that we forged.

  • Double edge Ken style
  • Folded steel
  • Rosewood saya and tsuka
  • Full hand polished and sharpened
  • Full tang construction
  • Ready for real use


Nagasa(Blade)        16cm(6 1/3")
Width 3.2cm(1 1/4")
Blade steel Folded steel
Polishing   Mirror
Hilt 9cm(3 1/2")
Fittings Brass
Scabbard and handle    Rosewood with buffalo horn  


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