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Ninjato(忍者刀)-Ninja swords

A ninjato, literally "Ninja sword", also be called "shinobigatana" or "NinjaKen". it were carried by shinobi in feudal Japan. we forged these replica of ninjato always straight blade combination of showpiece and funcational, and matching ninja motif koshirae. Full tang constructions ready for real use. 

Replica of Enter the Ninja sword/ninjato
TZ20170321 $149
Golden ninjato TZ20151029 $249
Ko-ninjato/shinobigatana TZ20150923   $169  
Reasonable ninjato TZ20151221 $49
Short Ninjato/Shinobigatana
TZ20160515 $199

KIRIHA-ZUKURI ninjato-TZ20131011

This ninjato designed by Mr.Vu from Germany, the blade forged base on kiriha zukuri, forged and folded blade steel with clay tempered hamon. full tang construction make sword strength and ready for real use.  the sword features extend tsuka length to make better POB(about 8cm from tsuba). cast iron tsuba and fuchi kashira are durable for daily use. red rayskin part on saya and tsuka wrap come with leather ito make the sword looked unusual. 

Replica of Enter the Ninja sword/ninjato-TZ20170321

This replica of ninjato we made for Bryant Alex. the design from the film Enter the Ninja. we full customize it use T10 steel with heat treatment. ready for real use. the tsuba we custom made it by iron with WEDM. full tang construction. 

Golden Ninjato-TZ20151029

This ninjato was designed by David, gold color design looked really bright. straight blade forged as traditional ninjato style. 1095 folded steel with clay tempered hamon made sword functional. the hada(folded pattern) and hamon pretty prominent and attractive after full hand polishing. extreme sharp of cutting edge of hand sharpened. golden leather wrapped on tsuka with hishigami, black authentic rayskin inlay. Black dragon theme tsuba made from alloy. the quality saya come with buffalo Horn parts and golden lacquer finish.


This short ninjato performance blade forged from 1050 steel at very reasonable price, differential hardened hamon are built as traditional clay method. full tang constructions ready for real use. the tsuba, fuchi&kashira are made of iron, durable for use. black leather ito on tsuka and tsukamaki with hishigami, pretty tight. the saya wrapped rattan on top, and texture finished with black lacquer. 

Reasonable Ninjato-TZ20151221

We forged this ninjato at very reasonable price. 1050 steel for blade with full tang construction, combinations of functional and affordable piece. the quality koshirae are made of iron and brass. black artificial silk ito on tsuka and authentic rayskin inlay. the saya finished with black glossy.

Short Ninjato/Shinobigatana-TZ20160515

This Ninjato was designed by a customer for his custom made sword,It with classical looking for Ninjato,It features plain black theme,Black saya, Black wrapping and black fittings. Blade is forged by 1095 carbon steel,blade with cosmetic polish,blade edge whiten by finger stone polish,it takes attractive hamon style.Blade shape is straight Shinogi-Zukuri, But with kiriha style kissaki,We thought this blade shape is most suitable for Ninjato style blade. Tsuka,fuchi/kashira are made of iron material,blackened dragon menuki is brass. This is ready a nice choice of Ninjato for battle ready purpose.

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