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A shirasaya, literally "white scabbard", is a storage scabbard used to protect the sword blade when not in use and when not mounted in its normal buke-zukuri or tachi fittings. The shirasaya is normally made of ho wood and may have information about the sword blade written on it.

Hira zukuri Shirasaya TZ20160426 $199
Folded steel Shirasaya TZ20151125 $219
Unokubi shirasaya TZ20130413 $199

Hira Zukuri Shirasaya-TZ20160426

This shirasaya was designed by a customer for his custom made sword,This sword features Hira Zukuri blade shape, a nearly flat blade without shinogi and yokote,blade forged by mono T10 steel, blade with cosmetic polish,blade edge whiten by finger stone polish .hackberry wood with varnish paint,Koiguchi&Kurigata&kojiri are black horn material, the tsuka also fitted the matching black horn fittings.The sword is suitable for tameshigiri practice.

Folded steel shirasaya-TZ20151125

One of the most important features of Shirisaya katana's is simplicity. without tsuba, fuchi& kashira metal toso, without tsuka wrap. make it very easy when you disassemble sword to maintain sword. The blade was forged use 1095 folded steel, cutting edge hardness about 57-58HRc after differential clay tempered hardened. the folded hada(pattern) and hamon line visible and attractive.  whether you use it for cutting practice, the katana can accomplish. The saya and tsuka has buffalo horn parts. smart and functional,  make the katana different with those low-end decorative sword.

Unokubi shirasaya-TZ20130413

We forged this sword using T10 steel with unokubi zukuri. the differential hardened hamon are created by traditional claying method. This allows for superior edge holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. the hamon very prominent after cosmetic polished by jizuya(finger stone). simplicity are the shirasaya sword characteristic. the saya just natural finish. 

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