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Tachi(太刀)-Great sword

The Tachi (太刀) literally means "great sword" was a type of traditionally made Japanese sword(nihonto)  worn by the samurai class of feudal Japan, that was developed before the creation of the katana. Tachi are commonly associated with early Koto era swords and were worn by higher ranking samurai and daimyo. The tachi is worn edge down with the saya suspended from a sword belt. Tachi of various styles have been made from the earliest Koto eras through the modern period.

Ko-Tachi(小太刀) TZ20160107 $328
Daimyo Tachi(大名太刀) TZ20091219 $499
Shunga Tachi(春宫太刀) TZ20110512 $599


We built on this ko-tachi using hand forged-folded steel, shinogi-zukuri with bohi. the differentially hardened hamon were created as a traditional clay method. the hamon and folded hada(pattern) very prominent after hand polished, makes superior blade combination of beauty and functionality. features a finest and elegant koshirae be mounted on tsuka and saya, brass material allows for tough use. the saya was made of quality ebony. 

Daimyo Tachi-TZ20091219

The Tachi built on forged-folded steel blade in shinogi zukuri and the blade is differentially hardened using the traditional claying method. The hamon (temper line) are very prominent after hand cosmetic polished. features a quality koshiare are made out of copper with detail in silver plated. it is a very desirable and functional piece you looking at.

Shunga O-Tachi(太刀)-TZ20110512

The tachi blade body build on tamahagane steel by full hand with traditional method. finger stone polishing(jizuya and hazuya) makes the prominent hada pattern and hamon quite attractive. Blade shape is Shinogi zukuri without groove, koshi sori makes the blade deepest curve more near tsuka part. the blade produced on kobuse lamination combinate of great hardness on edge and flexible. the koshiare are made from copper with Shunga motif. We also offer semi custom service for the blade made. This Tachi made as battle ready, whatever you using it for cutting practice or as a showpiece. It is also valuable for display and home collection, even pass to your generations.

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