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Wakizashi(脇差)-Short swords

it is a Japanese short sword, called a Wakizashi(脇差) or Kodachi(小太刀). The wakizashi has a blade between 30 and 60 cm are used with one hand and being worn together with katana. a combination of wakizashi and katana are called a daisho. the wearer always a samurai in ancient Japan. we forged matching wakizashi just a shorter version of katana. All of our wakizashi makes for real use, full tang construction to make it very strength.

Functional wakizashi
TZ20190226 $189
9260 steel wakizashi
TZ20120217 $69
Karakusa(唐草) Wakizashi
TZ20121122 $219

Full rayskin wakizashi



Functional wakizashi-TZ20190226

This Wakizashi was forged for functional purpose. blade was forged by T10 steel with Togari Hamon,simply iron tsuba and fuchi&kashira, the tsuka-ito and sageo are made of black artificial silk,real white rayskin cover on the handle. 

Huali wood(rose wood) saya protect blade very well, koiguchi, kurigata and kojiri is made out of authentic buffola horn. This sword created for tameshigiri purpose, or it is good choice for home decoration.

9260 steel wakizashi

This Shobu Wakizashi is one of the most popular selling sword in the past years, It features an O-kissaki without groove blade shape.It is forged by 9260 spring steel with through heat treatment process ,brass tsuba and fuchi&kashira with karakusa motif, the tsuka-ito and sageo are made of black cotton,real white rayskin cover on the handle. 

Black matte saya is very matching with whole sword. This sword created for tameshigiri purpose,We proud offer this quality sword with a great price.

Karakusa(唐草) Wakizashi

The Wakizashi has a hand-forged T10 steel blade without Bo-Hi. Clay differentially hardened tempered process produce an elegant hamon. we polish this blade using "whiten polish"(jizuya polished by finger) method take out hamon line very prominent. The complex saya features a black gloss-lacquered with rattan section at the koiguchi/kurikata for a very attractive appearance. the fittings are superbly antiqued with karakusa motif are made out of solid brass. quality cotton ito wrapped on tsuka with hishigami, very tight and ready for tough use.

Full rayskin wakizashi

We forged-folded this wakizashi blade T10 steel features a sanmai lamination. the both side steel are folded steel, core steel is 1095 steel. This allows for superior edge holding and cutting ability while allowing the blade to absorb the shock of a blow. the blade differentially hardened tempered using clay method to produces cutting edge about HRc60. the finest hamon and hada(folded pattern) very clear visible after hand polished. the koshirae is made from copper with dragon motif. black cotton ito wrapped on tsuka and genuine rayskin inlay, tsukamaki with hishigami(paper knot) produce tsuka very tight ans strength. full rayskin covered saya is this sword characteristic, quality glossy lacquered finish make the saya superb and elegant. 

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