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YanMao Dao/Angular style Chinese saber- TZ20180606


Sinosword replicated this Chinese military saber with plain brass fittings. we forged blade style with YanMao Dao(goose quill saber), Straight until about the last quarter of the blade, then sweeping up gently. blade forged use T10 steel with hamon, blackened blade and fittings make sword antique. scabbard was made out of Huali wood(rose wood).  full tang construction ready for real use.

  • T10 forged blade with differential hardened.
  • Fully functional sharp blade, battle ready
  • Huali wood scabbard,nature color
  • Blackened blade and brass fittings
  • Length can be customized
  • Natural blade color and fittings available


Blade Length:  73cm(29") Handle length: 16cm(6.3")
Blade steel:  T10 steel  Fittings: Plain brass fitting 
Blade construction:  Mono  Handle: Huali wood with wrapped 
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish                    Wood: Huali Wood
Hamon:  Wave Blade width:3.2cm



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