BaiLian Gang(Damascus) Han Jian/Sword
Blade length: 69cm
Steel: Damascus
Hilt length: 20cm
Polish grade: mirror polish
Fittings: Red copper
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This Han Dynasty Jian features Plain fittings made out of Red Copper, traditional octahedral blade design. the blade forged and folded in tradtional method, we called "BaiLian Gang", or means Damascus steel. The pommel with screw constructionto connect blade tang, handle construction is pretty solid. Scabbard and handle wood all are made of ebony wood.

  • Plain Red Copper fitting
  • BaiLian Gang(damascus), through hardened
  • Ebony scabbard and hilt.
  • Full tang construction, battle ready
Blade Length: 69cm Hanle length: 20cm
Blade steel: Tamahagane Fittings: Red Copper
Blade Shape: Octahedral Handle: ebony
Blade polish: Mirror Polish Wood: ebony Wood
Blade weight: 1100g without scabbard Blade width:3.5cm

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