Blade zukuri(shapes)

Japanese sword(Nihonto) are made in a variety style shapes. Shinogi zukuri are the most common one of them. 


The most general style for TACHI/KATANA and WAKIZASHI (long swords).the bend was added to make it easier to pull the sword out of the sheath, and the ridge was put in the middle of the sword to increase its strength. This was called “shinogi-zukuri”. The blade-edge was cut on the side, and this style became known as the standard for the Japanese sword.


It is like SHINOGI-ZUKURI, but without YOKOTE line


The most general style for TANTO


Usually in the case of the blades without curvature, like Chinese TANG DAO.


The thickness on the back becomes thins as it gets closer towards the tip, (from 1/3 for katana, from half for Tanto).


Like Unokubi-Zukuri, but no yokote.


Kissaki-moroha-zukuri style blade, commonly called "Kogarasu-maru" style. The thick back becomes double edge towards the tip, a light fast sword.

8)Osoraku zukuri

The KISSAKI part is bigger than the half of the blades length.
Usually in TANTO type.

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