Blade steel 

Sinosword forge Japanese sword(nihonto) using different steels, including 1050,  T10 high carbon steels, 9260 spring steel, folded steel, Tamahagane steel and aluminium(for Iaito). Different steel bladesfor different use.

1050 carbon steel

1050 steel always for iaito(Blunt edge) and daily light cutting practice purposes. good flexibility, cutting edge hardness about 55-56HRc after clay tempered heat treatment process, features are reasonable and durable.

T10 high carbon steel

The steel is the most common on the market, hardness about 58HRC after clay tempered heat treatment process. The steel is similar to 1095 high carbon steel, it is a very good performance and ready for daily heavy cutting practice. 

9260 spring steel

The steel features excellent flexible performance. it cant be Clay tempered heat treatment(cant make real hamon), hardness about 55-56HRc after through hardened heat treatment process. This steel is always used for iaito and HEMA sparring blades .

Folded steel, for combination of beauty and functionality

The steel features are a combination of beauty and functionality. The forged and folded process make the blade flexible and hard. natural folded grain makes the blades surface awesome.

Tamahagane steel, high-grade for collect.

we forged tamahagane steel base on japanese traditional method. but price much better than Japan tamahagane. different laminated tamahagane steel folded grain also different.

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