Cheng Ying Jian/Sword(承影劍)
Blade length: 81cm
Steel: Folded Steel
Hilt length: 26cm
Polish grade: Hand mirror polished
Fittings: Brass
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This is one of our own designed and developed fittings,We named it Chengying Jian(承影劍),Chengying is one of TOP ten Chinese Jian in ancient legends. The legend says the owner of this Jian was the emperor of Shang Dynasty-The second dynasty of China.Chengying Jian symbol as carried elegant weapon for gentleman.This Jian looks very solid and beautiful, silver plated fittings match with red/black cotton is very tasteful.thats way we use Chengying to name this Jian. 

Time really flies! Can you believe it? ! In just one months, our company will hit the big 1-9!!
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