Custom Wide O-Katana
Blade length: 81cm
Steel: T10 Steel
Hilt length: 30.5CM
Polish grade: Cosmetic polished
Fittings: Iron&Brass
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Custom Wide O-Katana
Overall Length: 111.76cm / 44in
Blade Length: 81.28cm / 32in
Tsuka: 30.48cm / 12in
Blade Width at Habaki: 3.81 cm / 1.5in
Blade Thickness: 7.62mm - 6.35mm / .3 - .25in?
Blade zukuri: Shinogi-Zukuri
Blade construction/laminations: Maru(mono steel)
Blade steel: T10/1095 high carbon steel 
Blade polish: Cosmetic polish
Hamon style: Suguha Hamon
Kissaki types and yokote: O-kissaki and Geometric Yokote
Bo-hi style: General bohi for iaito
Sori: 2.54cm / 1in?
P.O.B.: should be as close as you can get it to the Tsuba as possible 

Tsuka: I think it should about 1.25 inch wide and 0.75 inch thick?
Full Artificial Red Leather wrap with holes cut out for the pegs 
Artificial Black Leather Ito 
Fuchi&kashira: Iron series fuchi&kashira A01 but bright shiny Brass
Menuki: none
Habaki: bright shiny Brass 
Seppa: bright shiny Brass
Tsuba: Custom Tsuba
2in by 1in Seppa - 3in by 2in iron L06 - 4in by 3in iron L03 - 3in by 2in iron L06 - 2in by 1in Seppa 
iron oval with a rised samller oval with a brass Seppa 

regular saya wood
Saya Shiny black with two Shiny red lines on the sides, more or less, equle distance between each other and the edge/spine. If two lines is to difficult to do, one thick line will do.
Kurigata: none 
Sageo: none
koiguchi: bright shiny Brass 
kojiri: bright shiny Brass
The koiguchi and kojiri are to go overlay the saya like the Qiaokou and Qiaowei but simple in looks like your Korean real sword 
Dont know if you do this but if you dont, I would like it if you put a coat or two of lacquer on the inside of saya before you glue the two sides together 
Time really flies! Can you believe it? ! In just one months, our company will hit the big 1-9!!
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