Dotanuki katana(同田贯)
Blade length: 71cm
Steel: T10 Steel
Hilt length: 28cm
Polish grade: Hand mirror polished
Fittings: Iron tsuba
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This style katana design is characterized by thick and heavy blade, simplicity and durability. the sword was designed to cut off its target in a single cut.  it was created by the famous swordsmith Dotanuki Kunikatsu.

Kunikatsu became know as Masakuni because Japans most famous Generals "Kato Kiyomasa" made the sword of his choice a "Dotanuki"( Dotanuki schools style was very simple, and the reason being is the smiths would concentrate on its ability to cut, its durability and quality level), in honor of this great smithing achievement,and gave Kunikatsu part of his own name as an accolade. Thereafter, swords of the “Dotanuki Masakuni” design were forever guaranteed a place in the halls of Japans long history.

Sword of dotanuki design was considered to be the apex of military dynamism and power. Elegant simplicity, dynamism and power are this famous weapon’s characteristic trademarks, once a favorite weapon ofJapans feudal lords, and military commanders because of their ability to cut. when you holding the blade it is easy to understand why it was a preferred blade for generals and other high ranking individuals.

  • Heavier and thicker
  • Simplicity and durable
  • Power and affordable
  • Tough cutting targets design
  • T10/1095 steel with real hamon
  • Blade finish with niku polish
  • Full tang construction
  • Iron koshirae set
  • Tsuka-maki with hishigami, full and tight
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