Golden Ninjato
Blade length: 76cm
Steel: Folded Steel
Hilt length: 27cm
Polish grade: Hand mirror polished
Fittings: Iron
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This ninjato was designed by David, gold color design looked really bright. straight blade forged as traditional ninjato style. 1095 folded steel with clay tempered hamon made sword functional. the hada(folded pattern) and hamon pretty prominent and attractive after full hand polishing. extreme sharp of cutting edge of hand sharpened. golden leather wrapped on tsuka with hishigami, black authentic rayskin inlay. Black dragon theme tsuba made from alloy. the quality saya come with buffalo Horn parts and golden lacquer finish.

  • Functional folded steel
  • Differential hardened hamon
  • Golden theme
  • Koiguchi, kurigata, kojiri are made of buffalo horn
  • Full tang construction
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