Our Guarantee


1, All swords are quality inspected before it be shipped.

2, We will take detail photo for all of custom order sword to double confirm with you to make sure everything are correct as your request.

3, Please just send pictures to me if the sword damage unfortunately during shipping, we will handle it for you at first time. We offer free replacement sword components, up-to and including the replacement of the entire sword, and we pay the shipping costs.

4, Please contact us immediately if there are any quality problems with your sword, such as a manufacturing error, or a damaged piece. We offer free replacement for any defective or erroneous sword components, up-to and including the replacement of the entire sword, and we pay the shipping costs.

5,We always response your enquiry within 48hours if you have any questions about sword.

6, Honest is the first principle of SINOSWORD, quality and service support us keep moving.


Buying Tips

In order to avoid some unnecessary misunderstood, Please reading following notes before you start your purchasing:

1, There have hundreds sword for sale on our website. The forged method different with different sword, and different grade each sword, such steel grade, lamination, polish grade etc. please know it before you order sword from website or make custom order from us. 


2, The different steel blade has its own physical property, so performance and purpose also different , please learn it before you purchase and use sword.

3, We forged sword nearly 20 years. Our sword positioning in the durable and reasonable, the most of our sword price range $100-2000. we provide excellent cost efficient solution of custom sword.


4, There are no perfect things in the world especially for handmade work. a katana need dozens of steps, each step finish by different worker, and 90% process are handmade. so, a slight variances or errors are acceptable if without effect quality and elegant appearance, such as measurement, slight surface scratches, slight color errors etc.  Please take this into consideration when inspecting your order.

5, Please forgive us if you looking for national treasure level blade, we can’t make or replica those thousands or ten thousands dollar blade only hundreds dollars. we have no ability to achieve that.

6, We offer 2 options drill mekugi hole. The most of katana mekugi hole was drilled with vertical 90 degree on market, the advantage is its very easy for drill and without gaps when the the mekugi be set up. the drawback is it always drill hole before tsukamaki, difficult to take mekugi off when you do blade maintain. instead, we drill hole with bevel angle technique. finish tsukamaki before drill hole. the advantage is easy for blade maintain. but the drawback is there have gap happen sometimes when we set mekugi. because bevel hole little bigger, and its very very difficult to control. 


Gaps example. it is acceptable for bevel mekugi. but we always fill gaps before it be shipped. if you mind it, please let us know, we will drill it vertible mekugi hole.

How to tell the Kizu flaws of a blade?



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