High grade shirasaya katana
Blade length: 73cm
Steel: honsanmai
Hilt length: 28cm
Polish grade: Hazuya polished
Fittings: Shirasaya-rosewood
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We cusom made this shirasaya katana for Jean. the blade forged using folded steel with Honsanmai lamination, midare style hamon with hazuya polished, geometric bohi and bohi. saya and tsuka be made out of Huali wood, horn koiguchi and fuchi included. this is high grade katana. if anybody are interested in, please order from here, or custom made it as your requeste, we create it about need 45days.

  • Shinogi zukuri
  • Folded steel ready for real use
  • Honsanmai lamination
  • Hazuya and jizuya polished.
  • Midare hamon
  • Huali wood (rose wood) saya and tsuka
  • Buffalo horn fittings
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