Elite Tang Dynasty Dao/sword(唐刀)
Blade length: 72cm
Steel: Tamahagane
Hilt length: 27cm
Polish grade: Hazuya polished
Fittings: Brass
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The sword is a cosmetically stunning and eminently functional replica of the type of sword popular during the Tang Dynasty, (618-907AD) which is considered by many scholars to be the high point of Chinese Civilization.

The blade itself is a true masterpiece- it is forged on tamahagane steel with soshu-kitae lamination and differentially hardened heat treatment. full hand polished bring out prominent folded grain – a patterning akin to wood grain on the blade when inspected closely.The vibrant and highly visual hamon was created when the blade was differentially tempered in the traditional clay method to create a hard, crystalline steel edge and a softer, shock absorbing body and spine.

The traditional Tang dynasty design fittings is well-crafted from darkened premium quality brass,The wood hilt has covered of genuine rayskin and black finished. The scabbard is covered with full rayskin and finished with matte.

  • Tamahagae steel
  • Strength and powerful
  • Ready for real use
  • Full rayskin covered scabbard and hilt
Blade length:
Hilt length:
10 "
Thickness: 0.29"

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