Kanmuri otoshi zukuri O katana
Blade length: 33"
Steel: T10 steel
Hilt length: 12"
Polish grade: mirror polish
Fittings: Iron tsuba
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This katana is hand-forged with T10 steel, showcasing exceptional quality. The mirror polish enhances its appearance and reveals a striking hardened tempered hamon, adding to its allure.

With a 33-inch blade, this katana is robust and ideal for rigorous cutting exercises and tameshigiri (test cutting).

The Tsuka features genuine Same (Rayskin) and a tightly wrapped handle using hishigami, providing a secure grip for precise handling and control.


  • Nagasa Length: 33 inches
  • Tsuka length: 12 inches
  • Handle: Genuine Same (Rayskin) with hishigami for a secure grip
  • Full tang structure, double-pegged for durability

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