Koshirae(拵え)-Mountings of Japanese sword 

Koshirae are the furniture mountings of sword, katana or wakizashi blade. This includes the various metal fittings, (tsuba,fuchi and kashira). Select koshirae to assemble your own customize sword as your mind. and make it unique. 


Most elements of the katana  are designed to be interchangeable and can bereplaceable if desired. It is easy to select tsuba you want from our website and we can fit everything together or sell separately. All of our sword can be disassembled, you can replace your katana tsuba yourself, or change your katana theme from our product line, we have arranged to sell the parts individually, so you can change the look of your Sinosword blade.


We have three different materials for the Tsuka ito available. Besides materials we have a diverse color palette waiting for your choose. You can build a gorgeous and and functional parts for your sword from our site.


Select a saya to match your customize katana. We can adapt the ength, color and materials? Just tell us what you want and we will put it together for you or sell you separate parts. 


Sinosword develop 6 styles quality thick sageo. it you do not select sageo, we will use sageo same as ito.

Habbaki & seppa

We have high quality habaki and seppa, We offer different materials using thick quality metals and many designs.


Select fuchi, kashira and menuki to match your tsuba theme. 

Time really flies! Can you believe it? ! In just one months, our company will hit the big 1-9!!
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