World's largest Miao Dao
Blade length: 98cm
Steel: Folded Steel
Hilt length: 38cm
Polish grade: mirror polish
Fittings: Brass
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I have to admit that we never make sword like this sword in our company history. extremely large and heavy. 

my eyes popped out when I see the specification of custom request. unbelievable! so I discussed with our master if we can do that(to be honest, Im also not sure), our masters reactions like me when see the specification, and he also was not certain he would make it. but he promise we can try do it.  and so we start to this project.

As our experience, create customize sword about 35-45days. but we severely underestimate this project. we got various problems, and tried again and again, many blade throw away. thanks goodness! we finally success after many failed. this project cost about 4 month. thanks for Jonathans patience. really appreciate!

Here have some picture took by Jonathan when he received sword. 

If you want to know more about this sword, please click the link of review,

Overall:  138cm Hanle length: 38cm
Blade steel:  folded steel  Fittings: Plain brass fitting 
Blade construction:  Mono  Handle wrapping: None
Blade polish:  Mirror Polish Wood: African Padauk
Hamon:  None Blade width:7.8cm
Blade weight: 9kg without scabbard              Blade thickness: 2.4cm                    

Time really flies! Can you believe it? ! In just one months, our company will hit the big 1-9!!
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