Blade length: 86CM
Steel: Folded Steel
Hilt length: 30.5CM
Polish grade: Hand mirror polished
Fittings: Brass
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this O-katana utilizing a hand forged and folded blade, nagasa 34". the blade is differentially tempered using the traditional claying method to make cutting edge hardness about 58HRc. this allowing katana easy to cutting stuff like bamboo, tatami, iron sheet etc. full hand polished make attractive hamon and hada(folded pattern) are clearly visible. the koshirae are made out of solid brass. the saya finished with glossy dark red lacquered, koiguchi, kurigata and kojiri are made of buffalo horn. tsuka-maki wrapped with authentic leather ito. 

  • Functional long blade
  • Full tang construction
  • Real hamon
  • Visible hamon and folded pattern
  • Tsuka-maki with hishigami, very tight
  • Authentic leather ito
  • Solid brass koshirae
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