Practical Daisho
Blade length: 73cm/51cm
Steel: T10 Steel
Hilt length: 28cm/18cm
Polish grade: mirror polished
Fittings: Brass
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The practical daisho has a forged T10 steel with differentially hardened tempered blade.The temper line is authentic and prominent. the katana and wakizashi produced for tameshigiri(test cutting) targets and using affordable brass practical fittings to make the daisho set at a great price. tsuka wrapped quality cotton ito, and authentic rayskin inlay. Full tang construction fixed tsuka with 2 mekugi(pegs) to make sure safety when tough use it. 

  • Forged T10 steel with hamon
  • Ready for real use
  • Brass koshirae
  • Full tang construction
  • Durable and affordable


  • Katana
    • Blade length:  73cm
    • Handle length:   28cm
    • Overall length:  102
    • Motohaba:  3.2cm
  • Wakizashi
    • Blade length:  51cm
    • Handle length:   18cm
    • Overall length:  70"
    • Motohaba:  3.2cm

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