Quality Musashi iaito
Blade length: 73cm
Steel: 1050 steel
Hilt length: 27cm
Polish grade: mirror polished
Fittings: Brass
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Musashi katana was forged use 1050 carbon steel, blunt edge suitable for iaido and  Battōjutsu practice.

It is great sword for iaido practice. sinosword forged this iaito as iaijutsu pratice and Battōjutsu practice. the blade about 950g without saya, balance point about 10cm from tsuba. it will make easy when you drawing sword. 

The Blade with bohi to produce  the proper sounding hasuji. 

Fittings material is brass, solid and durable.

Tuskamaki with hishigami, very tight. provide good protection when you drawing the sword.

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