Replica of Enter the Ninja sword/ninjato
Blade length: 51cm
Steel: T10 Steel
Hilt length: 27cm
Polish grade: Hand mirror polished
Fittings: Iron
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This replica of ninjato from the film Enter the Ninja. we full customize it use T10 steel with heat treatment. ready for real use. the tsuba we custom made it by iron with WEDM. full tang construction. 

Black curved version available.

  • 9260 steel blade
  • Iron and brass koshirae
  • Cotton ito
  • Tsukamaki with hishigami


Blade shape:   Ninjato Blade length: 51cm(20")
Blade steel:  9260 steel        Tsuka length: 27cm(10.6")
Blade construction:  Mono Tsukamaki: with Hishi-gami
Blade polish:  Mirror polish                      Ito: White cotton
Hamon:  None Samewaga: pannel

Bohi/Hi:  None

Samekawa color: White            
Motohaba:   3.2cm Saya: White

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