Shunga O-Tachi(太刀)
Blade length: 76cm
Steel: Tamahagane
Hilt length: 31cm
Polish grade: Hazuya polished
Fittings: Red copper
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The tachi blade body build on tamahagane steel by full hand with traditional method. finger stone polishing(jizuya and hazuya) makes the prominent hada pattern and hamon quite attractive. Blade shape is Shinogi zukuri without groove, koshi sori makes the blade deepest curve more near tsuka part. the blade produced on kobuse lamination combinate of great hardness on edge and flexible. the koshiare are made from copper with Shunga motif. We also offer semi custom service for the blade made. This Tachi made as battle ready, whatever you using it for cutting practice or as a showpiece. It is also valuable for display and home collection, even pass to your generations.

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