Tamahagane Osoraku Tanto
Blade length: 29"
Steel: Tamahagane
Hilt length: 6"
Polish grade: Hazuya polished
Fittings: Iron&Brass
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The Osoraku tanto boasts a unique and impressive design, with a kissaki part that is larger than half of the blades length. Forged from tamahagane steel, the blade differentially clay differentially hardened tempered hamon, adding to its beauty and functionality.

Undoubtedly, this tanto stands as one of the most awe-inspiring and powerful blades that we have forged, representing the artistry and skill of traditional Japanese sword-making.

  • Osoraku zukuri
  • Tamahagane steel
  • Full tang construction
  • Ready for real use


Nagasa(Blade) 29cm(11.5")
Sugata(shape) Osoraku-zukuri
Kitae-kata Tamahagane
Shiage(Polishing) Hazuya polished
Tsuka(handle) 15cm(6")
Tsuka-maki Hineri maki(with hishi-gami)
Samekawa(rayskin) Penel
Tsuka-ito(wrap) Artificial silk
Fittings Brass
Saya(Scabbard) Black glossy

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