Practical Tang Dynasty Jian sword
Blade length: 77cm
Steel: 9260 steel
Hilt length: 26cm
Polish grade: mirror polish
Fittings: Brass
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This Tang dynasty style Jian/sword blade build on 9260 steel, double cutting edge with double groove to make blade little lighter. full tang construction and 2 pegs fixed hilt on the tang to make the sword strength and durable for real use. all fittings are made out of cast brass. the scabbard and hilt material is black wood. this is a good looking, and good priced sword whatever you use it for real use or showpiece.

  • 9260 steel, through hardened heat treatment
  • Strength and powerful
  • Durable and affordable
  • Ready for real use
Blade length:
Hilt length:
10 "
Point of balance:
4 1/2"

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