Tsuba(鍔) sword guard

Tsuba are  sword guard for Japanese sword, it protect hands when you thrusting or blocking your opponents sword.

In general, tsuba are made out of coppr, brass, iron, zinc alloy. 

Sinoword select hundreds tsuba for you to customize katana. all of these tsuba are ready for real use and great for your customized sword.

GS series tsuba

  • Copper with real gold and silver plating
  • Ready for real use
  • Durable finish
  • Luxury for high grade sword


R series tsuba

  • Plate iron
  • Tough durable
  • Black finished
  • Simple designed
  • Stand up to real use
  • Affordable

B series tsuba

  • Solid brass
  • Ready for real use
  • Tough durable
  • Blacken finished
  • Available in natural brass color
  • Affordable


L series tsuba

  • Small tsuba for tanto or wakizashi
  • Tough durable
  • Ready for real use
  • Black or silver color available

N series tsuba

  • For ninjato/shinobigata
  • Simple design
  • Durable and affordable
  • Black finished

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